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Welcome to Junie's Planetarium Shows.

We specialize in Planetarium and Slide Shows for schools and large groups of children. We also offer several workshops in the areas of observing, construction of telescopes. Each workshop or presentation is custom and can be tailored to fit hand in hand with your existing curriculum.

About Junie

Owned and operated by Robert K. "Junie" Esslinger, a life long resident of Alstead, NH, where he lives with his wife and four children. Junie is an astronomy enthusiast whom the night sky has always held particular fascination. Currently he is a member of the Springfield Telescope Makers, located in Springfield, Vermont, and also a member of the Keene Amateur Astronomers in Sullivan, New Hampshire.

Junie has worked with students in volunteer and professional capacities with students for more then 10 years.

"As I have expanded my knowledge of the sky, my joy has been to share that knowledge and interest with others, especially children." -Junie Esslinger

Norther Lights as seen from Alstead ,NH, on Oct 15, 1999
Northern Lights, Alstead, NH, Oct. 15, 1999

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